Friday, 1 August 2014

DIY chevron nails (easy)

Lets directly get to the nail art without me rambling on and on about things which aren't that interesting but i refuse to believe so.. Damnit, i'm doing it again. Don't mind it. And just read below:
Items needed:

1. 2 nail paint colors-
  • for base coat, i used a really beautiful teal color.
  • for chevron, i used black color.
2. Toothpick or a dotting tool and a brush.
3. Top-coat (optional)

1. Apply your base-coat. If you want a more opaque look than apply 2-3 coats, otherwise 1 coat is just fine. 

2. Use a dotting tool/tooth-pick to create dots (3 lines of dot), which should be small.
You can stop here if you want. But i was going for chevron nails so i continued.

3. Again using a toothpick/brush join the mid dots in an inverted v shape.

4. Extend lines from those dots to the side of your nail to make chevron pattern.

Use a top coat if you want. In this particular nail-art i did used a top coat.
And that's all you have to do to have these completely amazing nails.

These nails surely scored me many compliments :D
That's it then. I hope you liked them and comment if you think so too. :D
Thanks for reading :)


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