Monday, 25 August 2014

top 10 great finds!

If you have read my blog, then you must know that i consider myself a shopping addict. I don't necessarily 'splurge' on things i don't need, but i do buy things i don't need (-_-;) I am an impulse buyer. If i like something, chances are i will buy it. If not, then the 'memories' of that piece/item will 'haunt' me (-_-;) You feel me? I am not gonna lie, but when i read stories about girls/women like me, i feel reassured (Sorry!) that i can someday get over it! I am the only one in the family who is like 'this' so its nice to have companions, who understands how i feel. (~.~) White internet browsing, i found some really great clothing items/accessories/footwears that i instantly fell in love with.

1. These lace-up high heel shoes.

I want them all!
2. This lavender knit tunic and that hat :D

3. Maroon + polka-dot, anyone?

4. I love pull-over and studs! Combination of these 2, even better :D

5. If you wanna try wearing crop-tops, start with these.

6. Found this bag, loved it, saw the price and cried silently T_T

7. I can't stress enough on how much i love this dress!!! 

8. I want want want these sunglasses!!

9. Nope, i have never kept a pocket watch but these? I would love to ;D

10. Last, but not the least, this flowery hair-clip :D

This list includes the top 10 things that i find really cute and love-able. (saying that to accessories and the likes? Weird?) If i could, i would like to have'em all. Since i can't, i have to remain satisfied with mentally squealing over them! :D Anything you like? on this list as well as apart from it? Comment below if you do :D
Thanks, as always, for reading :) Hope you liked it :D


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