Thursday, 28 August 2014

Easy spiced up ponytail and fishtail braid

Well, apparently if you have sisters (cousins, like me) and you are the eldest of them all then it is your 'god - given duty' to doll them up whenever they ask :D (ya feel me?) Giving them make-overs, dressing them up or styling their hair :D Its like playing dress-up games, only, in real life :D 
My younger cousin always need something new! If it isn't, she will make me re-do it! :O The horror, when a half-an-hour worth labor is getting ruined by the one who asked for it! Anyways, she came to me and asked to make a ponytail, not a boring one (in her language). So here's what i did:

1. I sectioned a part of hair from the front and made a ponytail with the rest of her hair.

2. With the front portion i made a lace braid just until her ear and then continued braiding normally.

3. You can now do 2 things:

  • Wrap that hair around the hairtie and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Or pin it below the tie, if their hair is short.

My 2nd cousin has 'outgrown' this stage but being a big sister, i just couldn't leave her be. So a fishtail braid for her :D Truth to be told, I practically forced her to let me do her hair :D It was a really funny scene, me holding her by her hair ;D

Even though they can be a pain-in-the-a** but they are the ones who will make your life all the more interesting :D And without their nagging you would feel lonely :D
I hope you liked this post :)
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Monday, 25 August 2014

top 10 great finds!

If you have read my blog, then you must know that i consider myself a shopping addict. I don't necessarily 'splurge' on things i don't need, but i do buy things i don't need (-_-;) I am an impulse buyer. If i like something, chances are i will buy it. If not, then the 'memories' of that piece/item will 'haunt' me (-_-;) You feel me? I am not gonna lie, but when i read stories about girls/women like me, i feel reassured (Sorry!) that i can someday get over it! I am the only one in the family who is like 'this' so its nice to have companions, who understands how i feel. (~.~) White internet browsing, i found some really great clothing items/accessories/footwears that i instantly fell in love with.

1. These lace-up high heel shoes.

I want them all!
2. This lavender knit tunic and that hat :D

3. Maroon + polka-dot, anyone?

4. I love pull-over and studs! Combination of these 2, even better :D

5. If you wanna try wearing crop-tops, start with these.

6. Found this bag, loved it, saw the price and cried silently T_T

7. I can't stress enough on how much i love this dress!!! 

8. I want want want these sunglasses!!

9. Nope, i have never kept a pocket watch but these? I would love to ;D

10. Last, but not the least, this flowery hair-clip :D

This list includes the top 10 things that i find really cute and love-able. (saying that to accessories and the likes? Weird?) If i could, i would like to have'em all. Since i can't, i have to remain satisfied with mentally squealing over them! :D Anything you like? on this list as well as apart from it? Comment below if you do :D
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Missed ya'all

Hola guys! I'm back :D And nope, i wasn't on any vacation. Where was I? Apparently if you miss too much 'college' work (meaning being absent for a week without notice), your professor is gonna call every single member of your family (whose number they have) but not you. And your family is gonna be so pissed that they will take away your T.V., Cell-phone and Internet privileges ;( And your college is gonna be so pissed that they will give you no time to miss your extra privileges, aka, T.V., cellphone and internet T^T Lesson learnt, the hard way (-_-;)
Even if i was negligent but that was way too cruel T_T I had extra lessons almost everyday and was given a lot of assignments -_- But now that's over, i am back :D Yay, it feels so good to be able to write here again :)
This past week wasn't all bad you know, I went shopping :D It felt so good :D Actually, we, Indians, have a 'Rakshabandhan' celebration where a sister ties a string on her brother's wrist. And the brother promises to protect his sister in return. It is an auspicious event, even though i am unable to express it, believe me it is. In a way, it is a sister's day :D We, sisters, get to do whatever we want (in theory :P) But the most important part of this celebration is the gifts <3 Don't ya'all just love gifts? :D The string we tie on our brother's wrist is called a 'rakhi'. 'Rakshabandhan' actually means 'to protect a relation', beautiful meaning, right? :)
Anyways, this was all for today's post, i will try to be more regular from tomorrow onward. Please keep reading my blog :) And leave a comment if you find something you like, please (Whoa, i made the face Rumplestiltskin makes when asking a favor from the Evil queen :D)


Thursday, 14 August 2014

DIY skirt (super easy) from a kurti

I have this beautiful kurti (Indian clothing) It is the most beautiful green i have seen (*-*) My relative (sister really) gave it to me. We were really close before she got married.

Just look at the detailing on the top portion of this kurti <3 so intricate.

Even though the detailing of this kurti is really nice but there is a lot i don't like in it. I didn't like the crinkled look it has, for one. The detailing on the top part is really nice but it looks droopy over my shoulder and 'heavy'. I thought about cutting the shoulders a bit, to make it fit me, but the detailing was all over my shoulder. So it wouldn't work. (._.;) That's the problem with my frame, even though things might look good at first but they don't look so good on me. -_- That's what you get for being small, but there are more pros than cons in having a petite frame :D I might make a post about this, but for now, lets concentrate here. I wanted to make it wearable, and skirt seemed like the most 'appropriate' option because there were a lot of darts (at the bottom) to make it flowy.


1. The first step was to cut it to an appropriate length. For that, i just held it infront of my body and placed it accordingly. I also added 1" for waistband and 1" for hemming.

2. As much as i love the brown-ish velvet-y lace at the bottom of the kurti, it just wouldn't work in the skirt. So i used a seam ripper and removed it.

3. I ironed it to 'remove' the crinkling it had. (It took a lot of effort to make it smooth)

4. I hemmed the bottom.

I'm getting better at hemming close to the edges. Yay me :D
5. I measured my waist using elastic (so as to know how snug i want it to be). Add an inch and sew the ends together.

6. I placed my elastic band over the skirt's top and fold it over. And then, i started sewing around the edges. Don't sew over the elastic.

Too many darts!
And this is how my new skirt looked. I have never been a skirt's person. :D But i want to start wearing them. :)

Nice, isn't it?
I hope you liked it. :)
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Refashioning a shirt (easy)

This is the most easiest way to refashion the shirts you 'steal' from your brother (Muahahaha <- was supposed to be an evil laugh) and also to refashion your own shirt :D

Items needed:

1. A shirt.
2. Scissors.
3. Sewing machine.
4. Thread.

And that's just it :D Lets get on to it now, shall we.


1. Cut out those sleeves as close to the seam as possible. (you will be needing those sleeves later)

2. Sew the shirt so that it fits you. - A completely optional step but must to do when the shirt is quite big on you.

3. Cut the upper part of the shirt. (Depends on how long you want the shirt to be and where you want it to start etc.) Leave 1" for hemming. Fold it twice (0.5") and sew it.

4. Make 2 tubes of equal size (mine had a width of 1.3" approx.) from your sleeves. These will be your straps. And sew them on place.

And ta-daa a completely new top/blouse out of an old shirt :D

Here's some pictures of how they turned out.

I just wore it and hence the wrinkles.
I cut it so that the button was on the top.
To be honest, i didn't quite like this shirt. (I am talking about the shirt, not the refashioned top.) The top, i like.
It is quite an old project and i was just experimenting around, hence, i chose this shirt. But now it has become one of my favorite DIY's because of how easy it is :D And they can be a made as a baby dress too :D
I hope you liked it :)
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DIY inspiration :D

I have made a list of things i want to make, preferably before this year ends :D I just want to 'better' my skills and its nice to have a list because when i think of making something, i forget what i have thought (-_-;) Why does a brain starts overflowing with ideas when we are about to sleep? Geez brain, help me when i need you (o_o)
Well anyways, the list is like this. (None of these pictures are mine, i just wanted to have a picture of my inspiration to the particular item.)

  • A flower crown : Nope, i have never worn a flower crown, ever. I don't know how i should wear it but i love how it looks (on other people, ofcourse) :D Really very spring-y :) So i'm thinking about making one! And it is on the top of my list.

I found it on net and want to make a really colorful one, like this.
  • A denim purse/clutch/bag : I found many tutorials for this. I have lots of scrap denim, left-over from converting jeans into shorts and i would love to use it somewhere. :D I don't know how it would turn out but i have found how i would like it to turn out :)

Something like this.
  • An envelope messenger bag : I really dig envelope bags :D I first watched a tutorial on how to make purses and really fell in love with the end product (turns out it was an envelope messenger bag). I haven't gotten a chance to make one yet. But i would like to get on with it, as soon as possible!
  • Boots (sorta) like footwear : I was browsing around on instructables once and found this really great boots (sorta) tutorial. Turns out, it wasn't an actual tutorial, just a picture of the finished product. I actually don't have many boots (just one) So i would like to make another :D Yay! more boots <3 And well i couldn't find that tutorial again, so i can't show you guys how it looked ~.~ But once i make it (hopefully), you guys can see :D

  • A sailor dress : I love love love love sailor dresses <3 (Apparently, anime/manga have a huge impact on my decisions. 'Sailor moon' made me love such dresses.) And i would like to make one as well (hopefully). There are many variations in such type of dresses but i have found the 'one' for me (*-*) It looks a bit difficult to make so maybe i will put it off for now or maybe not.
Isn't this dress just adorable (*-*)
  • A circle skirt : I love the way these skirts 'flows' :) They look super comfy and super feminine. I am more of a shorts type girl, so i would like to give them try :D I have made shorts and i think they are super easy to sew but i don't know about these skirts. So lets see how they turn out :)

  • Espadrilles : I have some reasons for making them: one- they seem easy to make (maybe) . And i hope they are because i want to make lots of them <3 They go with almost everything! Be it dress, shorts, skirts etc.!

These 2 are my favorite <3
  • A chunky necklace/bracelet : I just want to make one! And that's the only reason :D
  • Dye : I want to take a dyeing project as well. They are the super easiest way to refashion almost anything! So yeah, it makes it to my list (^_^)

  • A sash : I know they are quite easy to make but i haven't made one yet and i want to and thus, they are here, on this list.
And that concludes my list, for now. I hope i can complete the things i mentioned here. Though, its quite hard for me to stay on a plan because i 'deviate', a lot (._.) Not proud of it, but thats how i am. So, wish me luck :D What is it that you would like to make? Or not make from this list? Hope you liked it.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

DIY shoes

Hey guys! How ya doing? I have been pretty sick these days (damn you rain >.<) But i've been productive :D I just refashioned an old pair of sandals and I love love love 'em <3

There's my baby <3
So here's the list of materials i used:

1. An old pair of shoes.
2. Ribbons - 2 m.
3. Hot glue
4. Scissors.
5. Thread and needle (optional)

I actually bought 2 colors of ribbon to try and see which would look better- the first one was maroon and 2nd was blue. I chose blue, reason? Because i don't have any blue footwear :D And i'm so glad i did. It looks pretty, the sandals i mean :) Let's get to it then.


1. Take your old sandals that you don't like anymore, maybe because their strips dug into your flesh, leaving marks. Argh..
As you can see, they have many strips, so lets give them names. 
  • Front will be front strips.
  • Those 2 little strips that goes to the front- little strips.
  • The last, those connected to the elastics- back strips.
Yes, I'm that bad at naming but it will do, i hope :D
Don't mind those holes. Its a result of my trying to see how hard it was to punch through it. I know, that wa stupid so lets not mind it :D
2. Cut out 2 pieces out of your ribbon that covers the front part and add 3" to it so that you can easily glue it to the sole of your sandals.

3. Hot glue it.

They look better already :D Except some more.. strips!
 4. Cut your ribbon and glue it to the back strips. Also add some inches accordingly so as to you can cover those strips properly.
5. For one of those little strips- cut a piece equal to the length of the strip plus a little extra inches (you know the reason) And cut that in half, width-wise. And hot glue.

6. 2 blue strips? Too much So cut out the other strip!

7. In this step, i just cut out those elastics which are at the back. Sorry, no picture.

8. Cut a piece of ribbon which goes from the back strip (both) and can be tied at the back/side/front, anywhere basically. And hot glue it on place, where it sits comfortably. I sewed it as well to make it more secure.

Mine was long enough to be tied at the back.
 9. This is an optional step. I made bows to cover those stitches, nothing too fancy. And as always, hot glued it. You can use buttons/flower instead.

I love bows so its a given!
And then, there's me trying on my 'babies' :P

I'm so happy with the end results <3 They are super comfortable.
The best thing about DIY's that you get to choose the color, shape etc. They takes some time, well, maybe, quite a lot but they are worth it! To be honest, when i started this project, i had nothing on my mind. I made it as i went on. It was fun. :) I hope you get your share of fun :)

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