Friday, 25 July 2014

Some lolita sewing inspiration for me :D

Not many people like to dress this way and so few can actually pull this look off. I mean all those cute bows, ruffles, laces might make you look like an adult trying to pass off as a child. But dressing like this is not about all those bows etc. It is a very elegant style of clothing that is in no way cosplay. And if you are a fan of manga (like me) chances are you are/will be fascinated by all of this. But you don't have to be a manga fan to admire its beauty :D
Here are some few dresses that i really really love :) And believe me buying them will surely cost you a fortune T_T so yeah I'm gonna learn to sew them (hopefully). These 5 dresses basically covers everything that i love <3

1. The first one is this cute ruffle-y, bow-y, corset-y black dress. What's not to love here? Maybe i would add long sleeves to it and add ruffles in the end.

Childish much?

2. Its more or less like the first black dress except the bows here are from thin ribbons and instead of those (beautiful) ruffles lace is used here <3

Girly much?

3. This one has a lot, i mean it, A LOT of bows. And I, for one, love bows <3 Okay, so maybe i would lessen the no. of bows in this dress :D The Victorian era feel this dress gives <3

TMB? (too many bows?)

4. Anyone 'Alice in wonderland' fan? I am :D The story is fascinating. And this dress is a perfect Alice's dress. Notice the hat? It really pulls this dress together. Its the most simple dress i could find :D

Love the color combination.

5. I am digging sailor outfits these days and i'm thinking about making one too. And this jsk dress screams sailor :D Its really simple with just a bow and and a two-tiered skirt part.

Navy-Red? or Navy-white? Which one you prefer more?

Do you like these dresses? If you could choose any one out of these dresses to wear which one would you wear?
I will surely level up (video game lover!) my sewing skills and will someday make one of these as a gift for myself for continuing sewing :) 

I hope you liked it and sorry if i said anything wrong about lolita fashion here.
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Letter to mum (2)

Hie mum! missed me? I sure missed u like hell. There are so many things i want to tell you. God sure is cruel you know. I still can't remember you and not cry. Its hard, very hard. I don't think anyone can move on after losing someone this close. I took up sewing you know (like mother, like daughter :D). And i started cooking (shocker!) Its fun but i miss you. I can't even have you next to me, guiding me. I wanted you to see the stuffs i make you know. I mean who else will i show? I only had you. And its no fun learning from the internet, when i wanted you to teach me.
You know ma i went to a fair few days back and guess what, now i can ride any rides without getting nauseous :D We couldn't go to any parks or fairs after you got sick. When i see children going out with their parents the thought that crosses my mind first is 'we never got to did that'. I know its not nice to think like that but i can't help it, I never got the chance to go out with you. I was only 12 for God's sake when you got cancer. I wasn't even a teenager. I am thankful that you stayed with us for so long. You battled cancer with everything you got and thank you mum for that. Even though we couldn't go out like other families atleast you were there at home waiting for us, taking care of us. Papa does everything he can to take care of us but he is not you mum. I miss you so much. I just hope that there is an afterlife so that i can meet you once again because i know now that no matter how much i pray i won't meet you in this life. Please be safe wherever you are. I love you mum and i always will. :)


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Nail paints and nail art :D

In this post i will tell you guys about my favorite nail paint color and a simple nail art :D

So this is my recent favorite in nail color :D I thought about doing something more to my nails but the color itself looked really nice and then i couldn't. I LOVE it. Its my favorite color for now :D What about you guys? Liked it?

Pastel purple color is it?

The nail art will be this one. I love this. I really really do. And i totally believe that nail arts are one of the few ways in dressing up any outfit :D What do you think? There really are many shades of pink. What would you call this one? I have absolutely no idea.

I just applied this pink nail paint, let it dry and used a tooth-pick to make these dots.

I don't really believe in buying things which i don't need except more clothes/shoes :D But hey i save in these things like a dotting tool. I know it doesn't cost much but that's how i justify my impulse shopping. T^T

I hope you guys liked it. Please leave a comment.
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

some natural stuffs for sensitive skin

My skin is super sensitive and oily. I have had to rely on natural things for my skin problems. Using man-made products always causes a breakout. So if you are like me then i guess these products will help you a lot. I used these products and they have worked miracles for me :)

1. The first product i will recommend is fuller's earth/multani mitti. I didn't use it as pack but used it to clean my face regularly. 
  • It soaks up extra oil from your face.
  • It makes you feel refreshed :D

Wet your face beforehand with water and then apply a paste of fuller's earth and plus over your face and neck and massage it. After 2 min wash your face with cold water.

Fuller's earth 

2. The second product will be olive oil. Damn this oil is probably the best for literally everything, including your skin but just don't use it too much and blot it out.
  • It makes your skin super soft and
  • Maintains your skin tone.
  • It is also good for your brows and lashes (Yay! bonus benefits)
 I generally use it at night. Just 4-5 drops of oil and gently massage your face and neck. 

This is the one i use.

3. Next would be honey.
  • Its a super cool weapon against acne and acne marks :D 
  • I use honey in all the face masks i make :D 
  • You can use it as a moisturizer too. 
  • And don't forget its good for our health as well :D


4. Yogurt is another key ingredient for my face packs.
  • It deep cleanses our skin.
  • Reduce breakouts.
  • Reduces blemishes. 
You can use it by itself or add something (like honey) to it.


5. If lemon is something that irritates your skin then tomato is what you should be using!
  •  It is a GREAT product for reducing acne.
  • You can just use it by itself as a toner after cleansing your face.
  • It also soothes your skin if you have a sun burn. (I told you its great) :D
  • Shrinks pores.

Squeeze it to get its juice.

6. Another amazing product sent from heaven - Aloe-vera
  • It detoxifies our body.
  • It gives the skin a radiant glow.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, i.e., it reduces acne.
  • Helps treat sun burns.
  • It makes our skin more vibrant and young looking.
  • It is a natural moisturizer.
It is a disgustingly great product for everyone :D and its not meant to be rude.

Scoop out the gel-like thing from it and use it on your face and neck.

All the products that i use on my face, i use it on my neck too. The above products have helped me a great deal and i hope it helps you too. You can make additions to this list as well in the comments below :)

Hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading :)


Friday, 11 July 2014


So, its my first ootd. Whoa! I'm feeling weird. Its nice to know that people actually read my blog, makes me happy :) If you could just tell me how you feel about my posts? What should i do to make it better? in the comments, it will seriously help me a lot. :)

Here, I wore a flower print romper (D.I.Y.) with a knit shrug, polka-dot scarf (D.I.Y) and black tights.

My outfit.

Knit shrug

D.I.Y. Romper

D.I.Y Polka-dot scarf

I am a huge fan of DIY's, mostly because i can't seem to find clothes that fit me. T.T
It hurts a lot when i find something really nice and it won't fit me?! So i took the road of DIY's. :D
Its pretty fun and super easy.

Comment below if you would like me to tell you how i made that romper. :)

Hope you liked it :)
Thanks for reading :)


Monday, 14 October 2013

Dotted nail art :D

I must say nail art sure is fun :D
You can almost do anything with them as far as your imagination goes. I personally think nails are an important part to get your desired look. :D
All you will need is a black nail-color and a color of your choice (must be contrasting, otherwise it won't look good) I like to add a layer of top coat just to secure the design but you may skip it if you like.
So well here it is:

Why does it look grey in the pic :O
Well whatever, the color combo i chose was black and shiny white.

You can change the spacing of the dots. I made them close, you can make them far apart or however you wish. 
If you make the dots apart, it will look like this:

They look better ~.~

Hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading :)


Friday, 11 October 2013

I was busy, sorry for not updating

So these past few days or maybe months have been very busy due to exam and stuffs so couldn't write anything. Oh, how much i missed it T_T
Writing is really a way out for me from everything, DIY's too. :D
I love making things, its more like i have to make things as i am pretty small (why god, why? T_T) and i can never find anything i like in my size. So you get the jist.
I actually made a couple of things, but i din't captured how my clothes looked before.
But they are super cute and super easy so i will show it to you :D
I am sure you will love it :D
I love love shopping, seriously it can take your mind off anything, be it food or exams :P
I bought a couple of things in the past few days. Couple of things for papa, he actually liked it :D guess my choice isn't that bad. :D
I bought a really really cute top and sunglasses, which were not needed. But i am a compulsive buyer so i bought it -_-

1.  I fell in love with this as soon as i saw it. :D
cute right :D

2. Never let a bow fool you. I bought this top just for the bow and also 'cause its an off shoulder top and it looked good on me :D

But the bow is cute :D
 3. These shades are not that special but it was sad before i bought them.

Look how happy it is now :P

Well, that concludes the things i bought for myself. Not too shabby, right? :D
Will buy other stuffs later :D so stay tuned :D (always wanted to say this :D)
Thanks for reading :)