Monday, 4 August 2014

Livening up a ponytail (easy)

Ponytail is the easiest way to do your hair. But they can be a bit boring if its the same everyday (My problem exactly :D) So i always try to liven them up.
My sister is the model here. You have no idea how scary my sister(s) are T^T  They will ruin a hairdo that took a lot of hard work, just to spite you T^T But don't worry this really is as easy as it looks :D

Items needed:

1. Comb.
2. Hair ties (preferably thin)
3. Pins.


1. First of all i divided her hair into 4 sections:
  • Front part for pouf.
  • 2 side parts
  • Back part for ponytail.
2. I firstly made that pouf and secured them using pins.
3. Then, i made a ponytail with the back sectioned part and secured it with a hair-tie.
4. Then i took the left side part and twisted it over the hair-tie and secured it with a bobby pin. Same with the right side part.
5. Use hair-spray so that your hair-style holds properly. This step is completely optional. I use hair-sprays only when an intricate detailing is involved in a hair-do, so that it doesn't get messy.

Her hair is really short, but i think it looks cute <3 In most of this 'hiding your hair-tie with hair' hair-dos people generally use one part of hair but i think using 2 parts and crossing them looks better. Maybe, that's just me?
Anyhoo, t really is raining hard these days. People find such weather, romantic. But, I, on the other hand, think its depressing. When it rains hard, all i want to do is sleep or eat or watch tv even if i have to skip college. So basically i get lazy :D Woo-hoo lets call rainy days, lazy days :D But i really love how green everything looks after it had rained and the smell of earth when its about to rain. ^_^ What about you guys? You love rain? Or are like me?

Anyways, I hope you liked it. thank you for reading, i appreciate it. Helpful criticism are much needed so please do comment :)


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