Friday, 8 August 2014

DIY shoes

Hey guys! How ya doing? I have been pretty sick these days (damn you rain >.<) But i've been productive :D I just refashioned an old pair of sandals and I love love love 'em <3

There's my baby <3
So here's the list of materials i used:

1. An old pair of shoes.
2. Ribbons - 2 m.
3. Hot glue
4. Scissors.
5. Thread and needle (optional)

I actually bought 2 colors of ribbon to try and see which would look better- the first one was maroon and 2nd was blue. I chose blue, reason? Because i don't have any blue footwear :D And i'm so glad i did. It looks pretty, the sandals i mean :) Let's get to it then.


1. Take your old sandals that you don't like anymore, maybe because their strips dug into your flesh, leaving marks. Argh..
As you can see, they have many strips, so lets give them names. 
  • Front will be front strips.
  • Those 2 little strips that goes to the front- little strips.
  • The last, those connected to the elastics- back strips.
Yes, I'm that bad at naming but it will do, i hope :D

Don't mind those holes. Its a result of my trying to see how hard it was to punch through it. I know, that was stupid so lets not mind it :D
2. Cut out 2 pieces out of your ribbon that covers the front part and add 3" to it so that you can easily glue it to the sole of your sandals.

3. Hot glue it.

They look better already :D Except some more.. strips!

 4. Cut your ribbon and glue it to the back strips. Also add some inches accordingly so as to you can cover those strips properly.

5. For one of those little strips- cut a piece equal to the length of the strip plus a little extra inches (you know the reason) And cut that in half, width-wise. And hot glue.

6. 2 blue strips? Too much So cut out the other strip!

7. In this step, i just cut out those elastics which are at the back. Sorry, no picture.

8. Cut a piece of ribbon which goes from the back strip (both) and can be tied at the back/side/front, anywhere basically. And hot glue it on place, where it sits comfortably. I sewed it as well to make it more secure.

Mine was long enough to be tied at the back.

9. This is an optional step. I made bows to cover those stitches, nothing too fancy. And as always, hot glued it. You can use buttons/flower instead.

I love bows so its a given  :D

I'm so happy with the end results <3 They are super comfortable.
The best thing about DIY's that you get to choose the color, shape etc. They takes some time, well, maybe, quite a lot but they are worth it! To be honest, when i started this project, i had nothing on my mind. I made it as i went on. It was fun. :) I hope you get your share of fun :)

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment :)


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