Sunday, 24 August 2014

Missed ya'all

Hola guys! I'm back :D And nope, i wasn't on any vacation. Where was I? Apparently if you miss too much 'college' work (meaning being absent for a week without notice), your professor is gonna call every single member of your family (whose number they have) but not you. And your family is gonna be so pissed that they will take away your T.V., Cell-phone and Internet privileges ;( And your college is gonna be so pissed that they will give you no time to miss your extra privileges, aka, T.V., cellphone and internet T^T Lesson learnt, the hard way (-_-;)
Even if i was negligent but that was way too cruel T_T I had extra lessons almost everyday and was given a lot of assignments -_- But now that's over, i am back :D Yay, it feels so good to be able to write here again :)
This past week wasn't all bad you know, I went shopping :D It felt so good :D Actually, we, Indians, have a 'Rakshabandhan' celebration where a sister ties a string on her brother's wrist. And the brother promises to protect his sister in return. It is an auspicious event, even though i am unable to express it, believe me it is. In a way, it is a sister's day :D We, sisters, get to do whatever we want (in theory :P) But the most important part of this celebration is the gifts <3 Don't ya'all just love gifts? :D The string we tie on our brother's wrist is called a 'rakhi'. 'Rakshabandhan' actually means 'to protect a relation', beautiful meaning, right? :)
Anyways, this was all for today's post, i will try to be more regular from tomorrow onward. Please keep reading my blog :) And leave a comment if you find something you like, please (Whoa, i made the face Rumplestiltskin makes when asking a favor from the Evil queen :D)


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