Monday, 4 August 2014


Whoa, 2nd OOTD, i'm shocked. Can they be called OOTD's even when i'm posting these outfits so far apart? If not, then what are they called? ~.~ I'm confused! So let's call them OORD (Outfit of a random day :D)

Well anyways this was my complete outfit :)

I wore a dark pink colored shirt with a dark wash jeans and a black knit cardigan. As always, my love for bows make me do things i would never think of doing and hence the bow-tie (sort of).

1. Bow: To be honest i use this bow with everything, not because i don't have other bows. Simply, because i play it safe. Black is a neutral color and hey, it matches with my outfit, so its a win-win situation :D And i must warn you, this bow is gonna make a lot of appearances!

The one and only, Mr. bow.
2. Knit cardigan: To be honest i don't have many of these (just 4) but if i had to choose, this one would be my favorite. And like the above bow, it goes with anything (okay, maybe i'm exaggerating) but you get the point.
I am a disastrous shopper. Give me money to buy something/anything, trust me, i will spend it on clothes (which i later regret). And this piece of article was a product of one such time and I absolutely really love it.

3. Shirt: This shirt was a night-mare when i bought it -_- It was creamy colored and had brownish patches everywhere. Even after dry cleaning they wouldn't go and i was too lazy to return it so i did the one thing possible, dyeing. I won't say i'm super happy with the results but i guess its okay. I might re-dye it again but for now i am going to enjoy wearing it like this only.

I knot it looks disastrous in the pic but in reality it isn't.
4. Dark-was jeans: Everyone NEEDS a dark wash jeans that fit them like a glove. It can be either high rise, low rise or mid-rise. But its a must! I generally wear low-rise jeans.

These pocket are amazing, right? <3
5. Shoes: I call every foot-wear, shoes :3 I know their names but calling them shoes feels.. just right. :D So, i wore this pair of wedges with my outfit.

As i have mentioned in a previous post that i can't wear makeup (sensitive skin). So I just used an eye-lash curler (amazing stuff) and kajal (upper lid) for my eyes. As for my lips, i used a light pink-ish colored gloss. And i was good to go. :D
Don't you just love the bow?!
Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Please leave a comment :)


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