Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Ten Ways to Dress Up a Ponytail

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Ten Ways to Dress Up a Ponytail: Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to spend a lot of time on my hair.  But at the same time, I don't want to look like a homeless h...

Plaster Of Paris's or POP's replacement :D

Well so i had a school project where i had to decorate a photo frame -_-' And i thought "seriously? How's that gonna help me in my life?" I was about to get a decorated photo frame from a shop (cheating i know :P)
but my aunt stopped me saying that she would do it.
Well, she was a person who was into arts and crafts, so i thought it was better than cheating :P Din't had to spend money on it was a bonus :P
Well long story short, i got an A :D and also i got to a trick that i use in many of my DIY's :D
So now that i think back, that project definitely helped me :D

I like sharing my stories :D I think its fun, maybe 'cause i enjoy writing :)

Look most of you are going to think its better to buy POP than to waste time on making a fake one, even i would've but you see its more efficient this way as here you are going to make the amount that you want and there will be minimum to no wastage.
As POP when left in open air gets hardened and cannot be used again. It has happened to me and thats why i use this method. Why waste my money when i just need a small amount of POP and the whole packet goes to waste?

Well so here's my DIY POP replacement.

Materials you are going to need :
1. Wheat flour that you can buy almost anywhere.
2. Water.
3. Fevicol.

1. Take any amount of wheat flour you want. The amount usually depends on what you are going to make but start with a small amount, maybe 3 spoonfull if its a small thing, like a ping pong ball.

2. Mix some water in it. For 3 spoonfull flour, use half a cup (small) water. You get the idea.
    If its too runny, mix some more flour and if its too thick mix some more water.

3. Mix some glue, be generous here. Not too generous but generous.
    Like 1 spoonfull fevicol, if you think its not much add some more.
    I like to be on the safe side starting with less and then adding more. :D

And you are done with your own home-made POP that you can use to make almost anything :D Wasn't that tough right? :D
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I love shoes..

Seriously, nothing is better than going for shoes shopping <3
I literary love shoes. Maybe my shoe collection is bigger than my whole wardrobe :P
I seriously go out to buy some clothes and what i end up buying are shoes of all types. The only type i don't have are those super high stilletos. I do want to buy them but they seem scary :( I feel as if i won't be able to walk wearing them. I wish someday i will get past this fear of mine and will buy those super gorgeous and super sexy heels that i have been eyeing on :D
Isn't it seriously mean that whenever you go out shopping, 2 things might happen:
1. You would wish to buy everything.
2. You would have wished to stay at home.

And when i am in mood for shopping, i mostly never find anything to my liking and well today i was out there to help my elder sister shop and seriously, if i could i would've bought the shop :P (along with the merchandise ofcourse :P)

These are the shoes that i bought today. Love each of them, super pretty <3

These simple belle shoes were so pretty sitting on that rack that i had to get up and try them on. And at that moment i thought nothing could look prettier than this. That combination of red, off white and black wool work on the top of these is seriously pretty <3

these are purple btw

And here i thought i could never find anything prettier *-*
But look at these shoes, how can anyone not fall in love with them.
They are purple wedges and i think they could go with any anything as they are not the dirty purple but the pretty purple, i hope thats making some sense and I absolutely adore them <3

These third black wedges are really party wear types. They have higher heels than my purple wedges and looked fantabulous when i tried them on.
I really love shopping, nothing can be more relaxing then going out for shopping with no money limit. :P
But as fate could have it, it really costed me a fortune -_-'
And I spent all my pocket money, don't know how i am going to live without money for the next few days -_-'
But whatever i loved them and thats all that matters (i have to give courage to myself by repeating this sentence :P)
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why the name turning point?

You see everyone eventually wants a turning point in their life.
Too much sorrows makes you want for happiness and too much happiness will never let you know the true happiness behind the word happiness. A turning point in life is needed to shape you into the man that you are supposed to be.
Its upon you whether to be a person who you want or not. What a turning point gives you is exposure to the coming things, it doesn't define you rather you define it.
So make everything 'Turning Point' the best one in your life. <3


How to make a Fabric Bow? With or without stitching :D

Fabric Bow

Making a fabric bow is super easy :D 
You can make them either way, by using needles and by not using them. :P

1. Cut out a rectangle from your fabric, mine is from an old top of mine. Depending on the size of the rectangle your bow size will vary. Any size will do btw.

2. Now fold the rectangle from each side (bigger side) and hot glue it.

Hope you can see it ~.~

3. Now pinch it in the middle and hot glue it again from the opposite side or stitch it. It doesn't really matter.       Both will look the same. :)
    Or you can wrap the same color fabric over it or different color (whatever you'd prefer)

Here i first stitched it in the shape i wanted and then hot glued the same fabric over it.
Here are some other bows that i made:

  • The black one is the bow that i made in this tutorial.
  • The one next to it is a jeans material bow. I used a button to cover my stitches here. The button makes it even prettier :D
  • The mid one is what i made from a lace material. I had a black stone and it was perfect for it. This shape is actually for my hairband. Looks really pretty on it.
  • The 2 blue one's, i think i am gonna make ear-rings using them. What do you think? A ring? or an ear-ring? And they are made using t-shirt fabric.
  • I absolutely love this one's color. I think it looks perfect like this :D Its from an old top of mine.
So what do you guys think? It was easy. :D
Thanks for reading :)


Super happy :D

Bought a lot of accessories today :P I was down for the past few days (due to my skin -_-') So needed a deviation and shopping really does help taking your mind off of things :)
These costed me A LOT though and had to pay for them myself 'cause papa said that i already have a lot of stuff :'( But whatever i love them and thats all that matters :D

Love this beautiful bow shaped ring <3

These cute dolphins <3

Wanted a hear shaped ring so bought it, its color is actually teal, really pretty <3

Reminded me of Bugs Bunny :D

I love the shape, Playboy :P

Looked sorta ethnic so bought it as well :D
Who doesn't love an owl :P But seriously it looks sorta old, i mean its pretty really <3

It looks cute trust me :D
Seriously i loved each one of them and i hope to buy more :P I really am a shopaholic, a impulsive one on that :P Well who doesn't love to have new stuffs in their wardrobe :)
I hope who-so-ever is reading it likes it as well :D
Do comment or rate if you'd like :)
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Happy today :D

Hehe :D The main reason for that is my skin cleared up a bit today. That means i can probably go out, okay maybe not but it will be better by the end of the week :D
And also that i bought a whole bundle of nail paints :p
I thought i was only into hair styling but i like to make my nails pretty too :D
Recently i am learning new nail arts and since i am new to it, it isn't as pretty as i wanted it to be. If all of you see my old nail arts you will probably laugh at me :P

The above is my old nail art ~.~ As you can see its shabby.

My new nail art, not too shabby right? I am progressing :D

The above is my oldest nail art. Not too great i know.

But i'd like to think I do have talent in nail designing :P I mean its fun :D 
The first two i did using scotch tape and really its damn easy and for the dots in the 2nd one i used a tooth pick.
The last one was done using only my nail paint brush (not the nail art one).
If you want more nail arts you can comment :)
Thanks you reading my blog btw :)


Monday, 19 August 2013


What the hell!! I am so darn jealous of these girls with clear skin. God why can i not be one of them. :( They can all go out pretty and here i am self conscious about my skin which i know will get better soon but until it doesn't i can't go out :(
You are unfair god, you gave some girls super clear skin and then there is me whose can break out with just a simple moisturizer -_-'
Good dressing can never compete with good skin :'(
Maybe there is a parallel world where a clear skinned girl isn't thought as pretty :P (yucky world)
Well i will clear it up as i always do but sometimes i wonder if i had a really smooth skin with no spots, no scars, no acne. Would be bliss if i din't had to take much care of it. It din't matter if i had some make up on or not i would still be pretty. But none of it is true but well thats the beauty of dreams that you can be anything or be anywhere you want :D
So keep dreaming :D
I am sorry if i bored anyone but blog is like an online journal where i can keep track of anything :D