Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cultural fest + sports week

So few days back, our college organised a sports week (though it was only 3 days long ;\) + cultural festival thing-y :P I know it sounds bad but no-one knows till date what to call it but none-the-less it was AWESOME \m/ 
There were a lot of fun games and competitions. I personally liked the 'outdoor snakes and ladder'. In this game you would need a huge board (human size?!) to play and teams of 2. One would move on the board and the other would roll the dice. It was super fun to play and to watch. :D BTW i lost in case anyone was wondering (T_T) I didn't get those yummy chocolates </3 Here is a pic of the game (not mine) I was so engrossed with playing and having fun that i didn't take any snaps ;P

Pretty cool eh?
We played volley-ball and our team lost BADLY (#*.*#) but we were 1st in cricket (I am a star cricketer \m/) so it balances out everything :D Have you guys ever played tug of war? It was my first time playing it and i loved it <3 There were other games too but these 3 were worth mentioning, for my merit :P
So in indoor competitions, we had a mehendi competition and guess what, we won \m/ I actually had to do nothing so basically it was my friend who won but i got a nice mehendi so it was a win-win situation <3 Here's some pic of those mehendi designs:

Top 5 woo-hoo!
There's the winner's hand! That is, mine <3 We won because of my friend's speed, she made it within half-an hour!
This girl has some serious talent i tell you. I loved hers the most (but i'm still glad we came first). She was second.
She was such a sweetheart that she even made it on the back of my hand, yay me <3
I love ripped boyfriend jeans <3 though i don't have a boyfriend ;D
In the next post i will tell you guys how it turned out (mehendi). 
We played a lot, competed a lot but most of all we all had fun. Days like these make me feel re-energized. You guys should also take part in such events. The cultural fest was at the end and sadly we couldn't take part in it :( All those practice time for the cultural fest clashed with our sports time so yeah i chose sports, which in normal case, i would have never given a thought. I am really bad at outdoor sports, more like i have a really weak body. Except playing basketball, badminton and volleyball for fun i have never played any other games. But after playing in the sports week I think of myself as a new person who would like to do stuffs that i normally would pass :)

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment if you ever did something that you normally wouldn't do :D


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