Tuesday, 22 July 2014

DIY easy/basic breezy off-shoulder tee and cropped tee

So, i made these easy breezy top which is quite summery. I made it as an off-shoulder top but its not necessary for you to do the same. It is an easy sew for those who just started sewing :D

Items needed:

1. Fabric (you should be able to fold it twice and still have half of your body and one arm covered) i used a cotton blend fabric and to be honest you can use any type of fabric with any print you want :)
2. Scissors.
3. Sewing machine. (You can hand-sew it as well)
4. Matching thread.
5. An old tee. (It doesn't need to be fitted)


1. Fold your fabric twice and lay your folded t-shirt over it. (The folds of t-shirt should be over the folds of fabric)

2. Cut it out. If you want it to be fitted then just add 1" to it for sewing (seam) and then cut. Otherwise, you can add inches to it according to how loose you want it to be. I made it quite loose.
And I also cut the neck hole. Again you can make it as big/deep you want but start small as you can always make it bigger.

3. Lay the two pieces together (wrong side together) and sew all around (shoulders, arms and sides).

4. Now this step is optional. If you need to hem your shoulders/bottom/sleeves/neck-hole you can do so. I didn't need to as my fabric was not fraying (yay me :D)
And ta-da that's it :D A super easy and super cute DIY top for your summer. And it looks good too. You can literally use any fabric to make this DIY top. I loved it so much that i made another top. I made the other one a bit shorter and whoa it looked great :D I have to wear tanks tops underneath both of these tops as they are both see-through.

You can make a normal sized neck-hole for a simple tee as well :)

My first try. I tuck it in my jeans/shorts and wear simple sandals.


Its shorter version. I must admit i wear this cropped version more.
I hope you liked it :)
Please leave a comment if you liked it or couldn't understand anything :)
Thanks for reading :D


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