Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Nail paints and nail art :D

In this post i will tell you guys about my favorite nail paint color and a simple nail art :D

So this is my recent favorite in nail color :D I thought about doing something more to my nails but the color itself looked really nice and then i couldn't. I LOVE it. Its my favorite color for now :D What about you guys? Liked it?

Pastel purple, is it?
The nail art will be this one. I love this. I really really do. And i totally believe that nail arts are one of the few ways in dressing up any outfit :D What do you think? There really are many shades of pink. What would you call this one? I have absolutely no idea.
I just applied this pink nail paint, let it dry and used a tooth-pick to make these dots.

I don't really believe in buying things which i don't need except more clothes/shoes :D But hey i save in these things like a dotting tool. I know it doesn't cost much but that's how i justify my impulse shopping. T^T

I hope you guys liked it. Please leave a comment.
Thanks for reading :)


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