Friday, 11 July 2014


So, its my first ootd. Whoa! I'm feeling weird. Its nice to know that people actually read my blog, makes me happy :) If you could just tell me how you feel about my posts? What should i do to make it better? in the comments, it will seriously help me a lot. :)

Here, I wore a flower print romper (D.I.Y.) with a knit shrug, polka-dot scarf (D.I.Y) and black tights.

My outfit.

Knit shrug

D.I.Y. Romper

D.I.Y Polka-dot scarf

I am a huge fan of DIY's, mostly because i can't seem to find clothes that fit me. T.T
It hurts a lot when i find something really nice and it won't fit me?! So i took the road of DIY's. :D
Its pretty fun and super easy.

Comment below if you would like me to tell you how i made that romper. :)

Hope you liked it :)
Thanks for reading :)


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