Monday, 14 July 2014

Lacey heart cut-out t-shirt D.I.Y.

I really dig heart cut-out shirts/top these days. They really make the shirt/top feel romantic. They are super sweet and super easy to make :)

For this tutorial all you will need is a top/t-shirt/shirt you would like to refashion, a pair of scissors, lace and the usual, thread and needle.

I actually don't use templates or patterns to make something, their directions are too much to follow ;(

1. I just folded the back (just the back) of my top in half and cut out a half heart. when straightened you will get a full heart. You can just leave it here or go further like i did.

2. I had some lace left over from when i made a lace cardigan so i used it to cover the heart (I am not too much of an open back fan) And sew it onto place by hand stitching first (the lace was kinda stretchy)

 3. It was a heart so i thought it would be more fun to use red thread to sew the lace and so i did :)

I really do like how it turned out but if i could redo it again i would have used red embroidery thread instead of the normal one. And I am officially in love with lace <3

I dig it <3
I hope you liked it. 
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you liked it, it will mean a lot to me :)


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