Friday, 25 July 2014

Some lolita sewing inspiration for me :D

Not many people like to dress this way and so few can actually pull this look off. I mean all those cute bows, ruffles, laces might make you look like an adult trying to pass off as a child. But dressing like this is not about all those bows etc. It is a very elegant style of clothing that is in no way cosplay. And if you are a fan of manga (like me) chances are you are/will be fascinated by all of this. But you don't have to be a manga fan to admire its beauty :D
Here are some few dresses that i really really love :) And believe me buying them will surely cost you a fortune T_T so yeah I'm gonna learn to sew them (hopefully). These 5 dresses basically covers everything that i love <3

1. The first one is this cute ruffle-y, bow-y, corset-y black dress. What's not to love here? Maybe i would add long sleeves to it and add ruffles in the end.

Childish much?

2. Its more or less like the first black dress except the bows here are from thin ribbons and instead of those (beautiful) ruffles lace is used here <3

Girly much?

3. This one has a lot, i mean it, A LOT of bows. And I, for one, love bows <3 Okay, so maybe i would lessen the no. of bows in this dress :D The Victorian era feel this dress gives <3

TMB? (too many bows?)

4. Anyone 'Alice in wonderland' fan? I am :D The story is fascinating. And this dress is a perfect Alice's dress. Notice the hat? It really pulls this dress together. Its the most simple dress i could find :D

Love the color combination.

5. I am digging sailor outfits these days and i'm thinking about making one too. And this jsk dress screams sailor :D Its really simple with just a bow and and a two-tiered skirt part.

Navy-Red? or Navy-white? Which one you prefer more?

Do you like these dresses? If you could choose any one out of these dresses to wear which one would you wear?
I will surely level up (video game lover!) my sewing skills and will someday make one of these as a gift for myself for continuing sewing :) 

I hope you liked it and sorry if i said anything wrong about lolita fashion here.
Thanks for reading, please leave a comment.


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