Monday, 28 July 2014

DIY overalls from pants/jeans

Recently i have seen many people rocking a pair of overalls. They can be chic if worn properly. I thought about making one. It is a really easy DIY. You just have to have an inspiration about how you would like your overalls to look like. Mine was this:

Items needed:

1. One size larger pants/jeans.
2. Thread.
3. Needle.
4. Sewing machine.
5. Cute buttons. (optional)

I had already made shorts out of the jeans i used in this project so i had the shorts part and the remaining 2 leg parts. A little sewing knowledge is needed for this DIY.


1. Wear your jeans/pants. 
2. Mark how short you want your shorts to be. Add 1" for hemming if you want. I personally hemmed it, it gave my overalls a really nice polished look.
3. Cut and hem.

Now to make it a overall the steps should be as followed:

1. Open up the seams of one leg completely and cut a rectangle out of it first of your desired length (front). Cut bigger than needed as you can always make it smaller but don't cut too much because you will be using the left-over portion from this leg part to make its back.

 2. The 2nd step will be of 2 parts: 

Invisible hemming
  • To sew this rectangle to the front of the shorts. I actually used invisible stitches to sew these two together. If you don't know how to do that then use normal stitches or sewing machine.
  • Try it on and sew the sides in whatever shape you think looks the best on you.

3. Now sew the left-over rectangle-ish piece to the back of the shorts And again find a shape you like the best (for sides). and sew it on place.  
This time i used a sewing machine for sides (both front and back).

 4. Now with the other leg part we have to make 2 tubes that will go over your shoulder. Find out the size which works for you. The tube i made were 1.5" wide each.

5. Again wear you half-made overalls and place the tubes over the front and back. If you like what you see, then pin them on place.

6. And then sew them on place. I even hemmed it.

 I further added 2 cute buttons to the front. This is how my overalls looked. I just added a belt. :D

Animal? anyone?
I absolutely love them. They didn't turned out like my inspiration but it works for me :D I actually prefers this one over the one that inspired me (maybe 'cause i put a lot of hard work in it :D).

I hope you guys liked this :) Comment if you need any help :)
Thanks for reading :)


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