Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to make a Fabric Bow? With or without stitching :D

Fabric Bow

Making a fabric bow is super easy :D 
You can make them either way, by using needles and by not using them. :P

1. Cut out a rectangle from your fabric, mine is from an old top of mine. Depending on the size of the rectangle your bow size will vary. Any size will do btw.

2. Now fold the rectangle from each side (bigger side) and hot glue it.

Hope you can see it ~.~

3. Now pinch it in the middle and hot glue it again from the opposite side or stitch it. It doesn't really matter.       Both will look the same. :)
    Or you can wrap the same color fabric over it or different color (whatever you'd prefer)

Here i first stitched it in the shape i wanted and then hot glued the same fabric over it.
Here are some other bows that i made:

  • The black one is the bow that i made in this tutorial.
  • The one next to it is a jeans material bow. I used a button to cover my stitches here. The button makes it even prettier :D
  • The mid one is what i made from a lace material. I had a black stone and it was perfect for it. This shape is actually for my hairband. Looks really pretty on it.
  • The 2 blue one's, i think i am gonna make ear-rings using them. What do you think? A ring? or an ear-ring? And they are made using t-shirt fabric.
  • I absolutely love this one's color. I think it looks perfect like this :D Its from an old top of mine.
So what do you guys think? It was easy. :D
Thanks for reading :)


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