Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Super happy :D

Bought a lot of accessories today :P I was down for the past few days (due to my skin -_-') So needed a deviation and shopping really does help taking your mind off of things :)
These costed me A LOT though and had to pay for them myself 'cause papa said that i already have a lot of stuff :'( But whatever i love them and thats all that matters :D

Love this beautiful bow shaped ring <3

These cute dolphins <3

Wanted a hear shaped ring so bought it, its color is actually teal, really pretty <3

Reminded me of Bugs Bunny :D

I love the shape, Playboy :P

Looked sorta ethnic so bought it as well :D
Who doesn't love an owl :P But seriously it looks sorta old, i mean its pretty really <3

It looks cute trust me :D
Seriously i loved each one of them and i hope to buy more :P I really am a shopaholic, a impulsive one on that :P Well who doesn't love to have new stuffs in their wardrobe :)
I hope who-so-ever is reading it likes it as well :D
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Thanks for reading.


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