Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Plaster Of Paris's or POP's replacement :D

Well so i had a school project where i had to decorate a photo frame -_-' And i thought "seriously? How's that gonna help me in my life?" I was about to get a decorated photo frame from a shop (cheating i know :P)
but my aunt stopped me saying that she would do it.
Well, she was a person who was into arts and crafts, so i thought it was better than cheating :P Din't had to spend money on it was a bonus :P
Well long story short, i got an A :D and also i got to a trick that i use in many of my DIY's :D
So now that i think back, that project definitely helped me :D

I like sharing my stories :D I think its fun, maybe 'cause i enjoy writing :)

Look most of you are going to think its better to buy POP than to waste time on making a fake one, even i would've but you see its more efficient this way as here you are going to make the amount that you want and there will be minimum to no wastage.
As POP when left in open air gets hardened and cannot be used again. It has happened to me and thats why i use this method. Why waste my money when i just need a small amount of POP and the whole packet goes to waste?

Well so here's my DIY POP replacement.

Materials you are going to need :
1. Wheat flour that you can buy almost anywhere.
2. Water.
3. Fevicol.

1. Take any amount of wheat flour you want. The amount usually depends on what you are going to make but start with a small amount, maybe 3 spoonfull if its a small thing, like a ping pong ball.

2. Mix some water in it. For 3 spoonfull flour, use half a cup (small) water. You get the idea.
    If its too runny, mix some more flour and if its too thick mix some more water.

3. Mix some glue, be generous here. Not too generous but generous.
    Like 1 spoonfull fevicol, if you think its not much add some more.
    I like to be on the safe side starting with less and then adding more. :D

And you are done with your own home-made POP that you can use to make almost anything :D Wasn't that tough right? :D
Thanks for reading :)


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