Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I love shoes..

Seriously, nothing is better than going for shoes shopping <3
I literary love shoes. Maybe my shoe collection is bigger than my whole wardrobe :P
I seriously go out to buy some clothes and what i end up buying are shoes of all types. The only type i don't have are those super high stilletos. I do want to buy them but they seem scary :( I feel as if i won't be able to walk wearing them. I wish someday i will get past this fear of mine and will buy those super gorgeous and super sexy heels that i have been eyeing on :D
Isn't it seriously mean that whenever you go out shopping, 2 things might happen:
1. You would wish to buy everything.
2. You would have wished to stay at home.

And when i am in mood for shopping, i mostly never find anything to my liking and well today i was out there to help my elder sister shop and seriously, if i could i would've bought the shop :P (along with the merchandise ofcourse :P)

These are the shoes that i bought today. Love each of them, super pretty <3

These simple belle shoes were so pretty sitting on that rack that i had to get up and try them on. And at that moment i thought nothing could look prettier than this. That combination of red, off white and black wool work on the top of these is seriously pretty <3

these are purple btw

And here i thought i could never find anything prettier *-*
But look at these shoes, how can anyone not fall in love with them.
They are purple wedges and i think they could go with any anything as they are not the dirty purple but the pretty purple, i hope thats making some sense and I absolutely adore them <3

These third black wedges are really party wear types. They have higher heels than my purple wedges and looked fantabulous when i tried them on.
I really love shopping, nothing can be more relaxing then going out for shopping with no money limit. :P
But as fate could have it, it really costed me a fortune -_-'
And I spent all my pocket money, don't know how i am going to live without money for the next few days -_-'
But whatever i loved them and thats all that matters (i have to give courage to myself by repeating this sentence :P)
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