Monday, 19 August 2013


What the hell!! I am so darn jealous of these girls with clear skin. God why can i not be one of them. :( They can all go out pretty and here i am self conscious about my skin which i know will get better soon but until it doesn't i can't go out :(
You are unfair god, you gave some girls super clear skin and then there is me whose can break out with just a simple moisturizer -_-'
Good dressing can never compete with good skin :'(
Maybe there is a parallel world where a clear skinned girl isn't thought as pretty :P (yucky world)
Well i will clear it up as i always do but sometimes i wonder if i had a really smooth skin with no spots, no scars, no acne. Would be bliss if i din't had to take much care of it. It din't matter if i had some make up on or not i would still be pretty. But none of it is true but well thats the beauty of dreams that you can be anything or be anywhere you want :D
So keep dreaming :D
I am sorry if i bored anyone but blog is like an online journal where i can keep track of anything :D


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