Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Happy today :D

Hehe :D The main reason for that is my skin cleared up a bit today. That means i can probably go out, okay maybe not but it will be better by the end of the week :D
And also that i bought a whole bundle of nail paints :p
I thought i was only into hair styling but i like to make my nails pretty too :D
Recently i am learning new nail arts and since i am new to it, it isn't as pretty as i wanted it to be. If all of you see my old nail arts you will probably laugh at me :P

The above is my old nail art ~.~ As you can see its shabby.

My new nail art, not too shabby right? I am progressing :D

The above is my oldest nail art. Not too great i know.

But i'd like to think I do have talent in nail designing :P I mean its fun :D 
The first two i did using scotch tape and really its damn easy and for the dots in the 2nd one i used a tooth pick.
The last one was done using only my nail paint brush (not the nail art one).
If you want more nail arts you can comment :)
Thanks you reading my blog btw :)


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