Friday, 11 October 2013

Top recycled :D

You will love this DIY recycling, it is super cute and super easy. :D

What you will need?
1. A t-shirt or top.
2. A sharp scissor.
3. Matching thread.
4. Needle.
5. Safety pin.

So here are the steps:        
1. You will have to cut out the sleeves and top of the t-shirt right below where the sleeves end.
And cut 2 strips (1" wide) from the lower portion on the t-shirt.
2.You will now have a rectangular shape.
3. Make a tube (on the top) on both the sides of the t-shirt (front and back) by folding it. And stitch it.

4. Now take the 2 strips from before and pull it, it will curl up. Now pass these 2 strings from both the tubes from front and back sides. You can use a ribbon too.

5. This is the final look :D Pretty cute, right? :D

I just tied those strings from back and front together.

And tadaa there you have it, a super cute and super easy DIY is before you :D
Hope you liked it, would like to hear from you :)
Thanks for reading :)


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