Sunday, 20 October 2013

Midnight snacks for me :D

So, i am not really a cook. But when i am hungry i turn into 1. Praise the lord :D
I am a big fan of a snack these days and no cooking skill is required here :D
All you need to do is chop, chop, chop.

What you'll need?
1. A pack of salted biscuits
2. Butter or Cheese
3. Tomato
4. Green Chili
5. Onions
6. Black Salt
7. Pepper
8. Lemon

What to do?
1. Chop up those tomatoes, green chili and onion. Put them in a bowl.
2. Add Black salt and pepper to it. Mix, mix, mix :D
3.Squeeze out 3-4 drops of lemon juice. And mix it all.
4. Lay a layer of butter over your salted biscuits. One layer on each biscuit.
5. Spread your mix over it. 

And that's it :D
Easy right?

I had 7 biscuits left so for that i needed half a tomato, half an onion and 1 chilli.

Here is how it looked:

Not bad for a beginner :P

No matter how it looked, it sure was yummy :D

BTW the layer of butter is below the vegetable mix.
Hope you liked it :)
Thanks for reading :)


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