Friday, 11 October 2013

I was busy, sorry for not updating

So these past few days or maybe months have been very busy due to exam and stuffs so couldn't write anything. Oh, how much i missed it T_T
Writing is really a way out for me from everything, DIY's too. :D
I love making things, its more like i have to make things as i am pretty small (why god, why? T_T) and i can never find anything i like in my size. So you get the jist.
I actually made a couple of things, but i din't captured how my clothes looked before.
But they are super cute and super easy so i will show it to you :D
I am sure you will love it :D
I love love shopping, seriously it can take your mind off anything, be it food or exams :P
I bought a couple of things in the past few days. Couple of things for papa, he actually liked it :D guess my choice isn't that bad. :D
I bought a really really cute top and sunglasses, which were not needed. But i am a compulsive buyer so i bought it -_-

1.  I fell in love with this as soon as i saw it. :D
cute right :D

2. Never let a bow fool you. I bought this top just for the bow and also 'cause its an off shoulder top and it looked good on me :D

But the bow is cute :D
 3. These shades are not that special but it was sad before i bought them.

Look how happy it is now :P

Well, that concludes the things i bought for myself. Not too shabby, right? :D
Will buy other stuffs later :D so stay tuned :D (always wanted to say this :D)
Thanks for reading :)


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