Monday, 14 October 2013

Dotted nail art :D

I must say nail art sure is fun :D
You can almost do anything with them as far as your imagination goes. I personally think nails are an important part to get your desired look. :D
All you will need is a black nail-color and a color of your choice (must be contrasting, otherwise it won't look good) I like to add a layer of top coat just to secure the design but you may skip it if you like.
So well here it is:

Why does it look grey in the pic :O
Well whatever, the color combo i chose was black and shiny white.

You can change the spacing of the dots. I made them close, you can make them far apart or however you wish. 
If you make the dots apart, it will look like this:

They look better ~.~

Hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading :)


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