Monday, 22 June 2015

Farewell party / Saree craze

Hello y'all!! I am so into saree these days. I mean look at them, they can make a girl go from 0 to hot (even me)
We had our dreaded and most anticipated farewell a while back, dreaded due to the timing and all. But it turned out just fine, in fact more than just fine. It was a fun day/evening and quite eventful. I lost my purse and when i found it somebody had already taken out all the money out of it ~.~ so that was a bad end. Do you guys carry your purses all the time? Even during dancing? If so, then how? 
I was skeptical about wearing a saree ~.~ I am 5'2" with a really small frame, I can pass for a school going girl somedays ~.~ Am i complimenting myself? Naah :P And i was told that i would look weird in a saree. A girl's gotta prove herself you know :D Well anyhoo, I bought this saree specially for farewell and bought matching accessories and footwear as well. It was hard to move in saree as i wore heels but i got the hang of it bit by bit. I couldn't even change my footwear as the saree was wrapped according to my height with heels. Ugh! My feet hurt by the time i was finished but so worth it!! d(^_^)b

So this is me :D

The blouse i wore wasn't how i asked it to be made but the lady made it so and since there was no other option, i had to wear it. But i think i like this one better :O

I tried straightening my hair and it didn't stay straight all day long T.T Any ideas on straightners? I have sorta curly hair if that helps ~.~

I wore some pearly ear-rings but they were too heavy and hurted while i danced so i took them off. Any tips on how to accessorize sarees? 

So all in all, i can say it was pretty eventful :D
Well guys, thanks for reading :)


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