Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sorry (hibernation and college special)

Hey everyone, sorry i have been hibernating. Okay, that's a lie, i am not a bear but trust me, if i could i would go into hibernation. I like that word 'hibernation'. :D
So i am a full fledged engineer now. Yay \o/\o/\o/ I got my results yesterday and i passed with an honors degree :D
The past few months have been a wreck. ~.~ I didn't know how hard engineering was and how tough dealing with teachers can be :/ I know i am not liked by many teachers in my college, they think i am eccentric and what not. I am a fun-loving person by heart and nature, i like to enjoy myself but that doesn't mean i would do something mean towards my teachers. I have never once been rude towards any teacher and there are some i actually respect. But what happens when a teacher has a personal vendetta against you without any reason? They make you work like crazy, taunt you, embarrass you infront of everybody, make you stay extra hours! I am not trying to say every teacher is like this. I have met many who have impacted my life greatly in a positive way and still do. But there are some teachers who are out to get you just 'cause they don't like you. It sounds absurd, but it is, what it is. I was treated differently. I was threatened by my teacher that he will not let me pass. If i did anything wrong that threat would have been valid but nope, i did the same amount of work everybody else did. I know in the end, he gave me the credits i deserved. I may be over-reacting but those days were like mental torture to me.
I am sorry about ranting but i wanted to write about it. Do a person need to be a teacher's pet to get good credits? Should a teacher be allowed to do this? I have been respectful to that teacher and never gave him any trouble, still i had to go through all that? Even know i don't understand why i was singled out?
Anyways, thanks for reading you guys. And i am sorry for being gone.


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