Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dye-ing (first attempt)

I made a list of the things i would like to make/do here:
One of them was dyeing. To be honest i think its the easiest way to refashion any article of clothing (and the most fun way) but there is always the risk that the color is not going to be the one you want. It depends on the fabric. You must always test the color on a piece of that fabric you want to dye. It is not a fool proof method because the color may vary (dark/light) from the test fabric piece to the real one. And to be honest, the color depends on the fabric type (._.;)
Wanna see the clothing item i picked to dye?

Ta-da :D Surprised? Don't be, i always planned it to be my first :D Its just too... white?!
You know what color i chose to dye it with? Blue! I am into blue these days. Wanna see how it looks now?

Does it look blue? No? Thought so.

So what do you think about my not so white or blue cardigan? Looks better or not? Even if it doesn't look good, i have to stick with this 'version' because of obvious reasons (you can't change the color back!!)
Anyways, thanks for reading as always, hope you liked this post. :D


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