Friday, 12 September 2014

Diy ripped boyfriend jeans

Yes, this is me trying to rock ripped jeans or so i think in this post :D I just 'ripped' some (3!) straight legged jeans of mine. It was super fun and once i started i couldn't stop.

You know how to dress these jeans? Its simple.
1. Throw on a printed flowy tee with a cardigan. Don't mind the mess on my bed (._.;) I am clearly not an organized person when 'the time to dress' comes!  

2. With a fitted striped high neck (?) top:
3. With a Crew-neck top, like this:
I know. Too much editing. But you get the idea.
These 3 are how i wear my ripped jeans. Personally, i like them. They are easy to dress-up or dress down, according to the occasion.

How to do the 'ripping', as i like to call it:

1. Cut 2 straight lines (of same length) in your jeans where you want the 'ripping'.

 2. Find the loose thread.

I am pointing to it.
3. Using a safety pin or needle (I prefer safety pins, no reason, okay?) pull-out the loose threads.

 4. Do so for the complete cut.

And you now have a 'ripping' in your jeans! Use this step anywhere on your jeans. Preferable areas are:

  • around the pocket
  • knees
  • mid-thigh
  • back pocket
  • on the fold of your jeans (if you fold them at your ankles)
Well, i hope you liked this post, if so, then leave a comment. :D
Thanks for reading :D


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